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Attending to Particulars

The Language of Things

Drawings and Works on Paper 2015-2017

MalGirls/Objecty 2015-2017

Open Letter

Open Letter



The Words (Les Mots)

Self Deceit


Yellow Drawings


Mauerblümchen (the Hothouse)

Hothouse Drawings

Hothouse Drawings


The Object Removed


Sleight of Hand, Works on Paper

Temporarily Removed

Temporarily Removed

Previous Projects

Scarlet Intent

Scarlet Intent and other series

Artist Books

“Artist Books”

Artist Books

Digressions and Other Projects

“Growth of Truth: Retrograde Movement of the True”

“Growth of Truth: Retrograde Movement of the True” (still from 16mm projection)

Short Films


The Hothouse

Installation of “The Hothouse” at Aljira Center for Contemporary Art in Newark

Divertimento (sound installation) York College, 2011

This site contains photographs of oil paintings and works on paper by the artist Jen Mazza. What is depicted in these works are everyday objects (flowers, rocks, books, images from books, patterns, wallpaper, and images from books of everyday objects and artworks) as well some figurative works which are close-ups of the body. This subject matter of the work (what is depicted) is not the content of the works, the content instead depends upon the visual-tactile quality of paint as can only be accessed in person and not via the web images (this is the case for sighted and visually impaired alike). Therefore to attempt to translate the content of individual works into words by providing narrated descriptions of what is seen on the screen in each individual work would not improve access to the work. Instead – for both for the visually impaired and the sighted – to get a better sense of the works on this site please read the texts that are available on the website (specifically the artist statements) as this will best clarify how the work functions. This particular page also contains links to other pages with other (non-painted) works in installation, film and book arts. Again do please see the accompanying texts and the general artist statements (linked to in the menu at the top of this page) as this will give the best access to the work.