Statement : Self Deceit

I am very excited to share this new series as it represents a great departure from the previous directions my work has taken.  I feel these paintings to be some of the strangest images I have yet made, for the very fact of them not being strange – not overtly at least.  But I sense that they are subtly covert and they do succeed in knitting together such a great number of the disparate strands my mind has been following of late – springing from art history, literature, philosophy and theater theory among other sources.

They are in a sense about the experience of experiencing a painting, and play at this by employing the most minimal means: mundane objects, irrational poses, ambiguous spaces. These new paintings, as I understand them, have something to do with time – the manipulating of time; compressing, halting, or drawing it out – through subject, application, and the implication (or lack of) depth and space.  They cannot exist in any medium other than painting.  They require that liquid ooze, the presence of the hand and the fictions of space for which painting is uniquely suited.