Feet in Lower Piney Creek

Have arrived at Jentel!  Still just getting my feet wet!

The cowboys here don’t look at all like the ones in Brokeback Mountain (but then I hear that was filmed in British Columbia).  There is a mountain called Bomber mountain – which a bomber flew into (which must have taken some work given that it is pretty gosh darn flat here – one would think the pilot would realize to avoid the tall bumpy snow topped mountain bits).

Went to town today – had to use a grocery cart the size of a Hummer and shop for the entire week.  Good things like halfway decent coffee and tea and chocolate strangely absent.  Liquor store also limited in key elements of the sort that don’t taste of beer.  I had too fly on a teeny weeny plane and so watched to make sure the propellers were moving.  All low clouds bowing over and I felt like Saint Exupery.

Cute little yellow bird outside my window ­ like a woman’s thumb dipped in tumeric.

Lower Piney and Snake Hills

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