Sounds of Istanbul

Afternoon arrival in Istanbul, ferry to Kadıköy from Bakirkoy Fast Ferry Dock. waited out the sudden storm at the dock then dragged my bags up and up the hill. Terrific lunch with Arde and Hande: outside mezze, kebaps, raki and sun over all.

Well needed nap under a warm siamese cat listening to passersby, the crying of the neighbors child, the warning yowls of feral cats, the cawing of crows and the screams of seagulls which seem to circle and return announcing what I do not know, the arrival of the ferry? the passing of the hour?

Walking home from the store with Hande heard the sounds of solidarity echo through the streets at 9 pm. Saw women leaning out of their windows, young and old chanting in the streets, students outside a bar set off fireworks, a father holds a metal stew pot for his four year old son to bang with a wooden spoon.
This is the sound of the pots and pan symphony with the protesters which deafens one in the streets each night at nine.