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A Dialog…

Mazza_CHJen Mazza: (A Dialogue of Three Disciplines)
hi Richard,

I was just finishing Joselit’s piece and found it funny/interesting that many of the things he talks about are things I have picked out from other readings. Like this quote by Hito Steyerl, which refers to her medium and documentary film, but resonates with my concerns about painting:

But let me make one thing very clear: to engage in the language of things in the realm of the documentary form is not equivalent to using realist forms in representing them. It is not about representation at all, but about actualising whatever the things have to say in the present.  read more…

Beyond the Object

Clarice Lispector:

“Certain aspects of seeing were like “flowers on the grave”: what was seen came to exist. Joanna didn’t expect visions in miracle or announced by the angel Gabriel, however. They surprised her in things she had already set eyes on, but suddenly seeing for the first time, suddenly comprehending that the thing had been alive all along. Thus, a dog barking, silhouetted against the sky. It stood on its own, not requiring anything else to explain itself … An open door swinging to and fro, creaking in the silence of an afternoon… And suddenly, yes, there was the thing. Continue reading

An ending

Kind Rousseau you who hear us now
We greet you
Delauney his wife Monsieur Queval and I
Let our luggage pass freely through the customs-house of heaven
And we’ll bring you brushes and colors and canvases
So that you may devote your holy leisure in the true light
To painting as you once did my portrait
The faces of the stars
(G. Apollinaire)