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The sky, it is blue, and other Aha! Moments, ie: The Momentary Manifesto

July 5, 2011

Recently I was describing the complete and utter revolution I’ve experienced in my artistic practice, only to have the listener remark “but that sounds like what all artists do in the studio”. At that moment it became clear to me that perhaps I needed to develop my language skills… a bit. But I must say that on some level she is correct. Yes, I am doing what all artists do in the studio. But now I am doing it DIFFERENTLY then I was before.

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No Secret

June 24, 2010

No Secret…

Someone once told me that every artist should have a secret body of work that they never show.

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Infra-ordinary and invariables

May 9, 2010

“How can we speak of these “common things”, how rather, can we stalk them, how can we flush them out, rescue them from the mire in which they remain stuck, how can we give them a meaning, a tongue, so that they are at last able to speak of the way things are, the way we are?”

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