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Studio Visit at the Clemente – January 2021

“I begin by thinking… Looking into an artist’s studio is a bit like looking into an artist’s brain — Artists Alliance Inc. and The Clemente Soto Velez Cultural & Educational Center and present the 24th edition of The Clemente Open Studios from January 28 through January 31, 2021. Despite unprecedented individual and institutional challenges, which …

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A Dialog…

Jen Mazza: (A Dialogue of Three Disciplines) hi Richard, I was just finishing Joselit’s piece and found it funny/interesting that many of the things he talks about are things I have picked out from other readings. Like this quote by Hito Steyerl, which refers to her medium and documentary film, but resonates with my concerns …

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From the studio Studio Visit

Blue Vase

“The trick of the eye, a painting, a spectator and the painter is trying to make her spectator see something.  The spectator is fascinated with what she is seeing and she finds something wrong in the painting.  This of what isn’t apparent fascinates her and so she looks on some more…” Chennie Huang – read …

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From the studio Text

An Imperfect Mirror

An Imperfect Mirror:  a ‘book’ of 15 loose pages in a clam-shell box; printed with offset lithography in silver ink, the cards mirror enough to reflect the light but not much else. The book combines original and found texts on art and reflection

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From the studio

Second Avenue

From Second Ave: What spanking opossums of sneaks are caressing the routes! and of the pulse-racked tremors attached to my viscousness I can only enumerate the somber instances of wetness. Is it a triumph? and are the lightnings of movedness and abysmal elevation cantankerous filaments of a largwer faint-heartedness like loving summer? You, accpeting always …

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