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“Disobedience is not careless” at the James Gallery

About the exhibition

Join us for the exhibition reception of “Disobedience is Not Careless” by Jen Mazza in the James Gallery on Thursday, September 20, 2018, from 6-8pm with a special poetry reading by Jess Laser.

What does painting specifically “do?” Painting has been a mode of public expression throughout many systems of culture and politics, and as Theodor Adorno noted, painting contains sedimented time. It is a slow medium, unfolding as it works on and with the viewer. The material of paint is itself a language, that because of its specific materiality, proportion, and location, creates friction. In the contemporary moment when all images seem recognizable, painting stands aside from the digital realm. Painting is a site where viewers may experiment with piecing together constellations of meaning from fragments. In today’s visual culture, such a practice of precise looking and questioning is “disobedient,” in the words of Robert Duncan’s poem The Law. Examining a painting offers a valuable slice of time to wrestle with what we assume we know about visual language and to question what we take for granted in making meaning. 

The exhibition and related programs “Disobedience is Not Careless” is a project with painterJen Mazza that explores language and quotation through painting, philosophy and poetry, curated by Katherine Carl. The exhibition and series of programs is open from September 12 to December 15, 2018.

The Center for the Humanities, CUNY Graduate Center

La Storia


LA STORIA, exhibition view


Thrilled to show with Michelle and Laurie in Jersey City – La Storia – listed as one of AFC’s must see events

Elsa Morante’s seminal novel of Italian women and children’s experience and struggles during the Second World War, La Storia, provides both the theme and the title of the exhibition.   Like Morante, each of the artists in the exhibition is concerned with the “dailyness” of living and the ways in which seeming banal experiences come together over time to create meaning and even define a life. In all of the works selected, the artists’ reveal their interested in the ways pattern and repetition accumulate to create broader, more profound meaning.  Each too is concerned with the variety of women’s experience, choosing subjects or materials that are frequently casually and patronizingly defined as women’s interest. Continue reading

Flowers for you…

Stephan Stoyanov Gallery presents:

Group Show “Flowers For You” and Alex Spaulding’s Solo Exhibition “White Nights”

From June 27, 2012–August 12, 2012, Opening: Wednesday, June 27 6-8

“Flowers For You”

The artists within this new exhibit dig deep and bundle up flowers that perplex and frighten, soothe and engage, invigorate and astonish. Stoyanov’s bouquet is no empty beauty. We can glimpse the fullest bloom of experience, replete with thorns; death, love, sex, vulnerability, irony, kitsch, – it is all here. “Flowers For You” is a challenge and a celebration by way of eccentric garlands set about our feet.

Exhibiting Artists :

Jen Mazza, Jane Freilicher, Heather Bennett, Greg Goldberg, Diana Shpungin, Diana Thater, Liora Manne, Karen Gunderson, Thomas Wrede, James Brendan Williams, Michelle Handelman, Samuel Botero, Hannah Barrett, Laura Beard, Gerben Mulder, Mitsuko Brooks, Anna Souvorov, Sarah Berney, Anna Ortiz, Elisa Garcia de la Huerta, Egill Kalevi Karlson, Janet Brosious, Jim Coverley, Martin D’Orgeval, Helena Kauppila, Kate Shaw, Debra Dexler, Laura Sharp Wilson, George Carr, Lucia Oceguera, P. Seth Thompson

Stephan Stoyanov Gallery | 29 Orchard St | New York | NY | 10002


Divertimento on view at York College until December 7th, 2011


“Silence?  Can’t you hear the forest?  The sound, the murmuring… all the time.  It’s like the sea.  Just like the sea.  It’s the fossil sound of the universe.  It’s the sound of the origins.  The forest and the sea mixed together.  That’s what painting is.  Don’t you think?”  (1) Continue reading

Show at Aljira opens this week!!

The Hothouse

October 28, 2010–January 8, 2011

Artist Talk: Saturday, November 13, 2-4pm
Reception: Thursday, November 18, 6–9pm

Aljira, Center for Contemporary Art

591 Broad Street
Newark, NJ 07102-4403


“the salt is on the briar rose”
T.S. Elliot

The summer has passed, but we are pretending still, and so ungloved we chafe our hands together to rub off morning’s chill.  Now the time begins when lukewarm coffee keeps its steam, and garments discarded on entering give off a tangible, but fading warmth.  Into this season of decay the hothouse sends its springtime offerings. Continue reading


Orange Rununculus





“Because I know that time is always time
And place is always and only place”
T.S. Eliot

An exhibition of new work:

The Hothouse
A Center for Contemporary Art
591 Broad Street
Newark, NJ 07102-4403
Tel: 973-622-1600

October 28, 2010–January 8, 2011
Reception: Thursday, November 18, 6–9pm