Painting = Machine


I think all of the ways of being affected by an artwork are valid and interesting, but my question centered around what it was I wanted my own work to do. I feel it likely that I stick to painting because I enjoy the physicality of it, the goo aspect. The way the goo makes the image come over on you, not just retinally, but with the complicity of the eye it works directly on the body to engage many more senses than the one. I decided that in fact, it did not matter to me so much what a painting looked like, but what it did.  read more…


Blue Vase


“The trick of the eye, a painting, a spectator and the painter is trying to make her spectator see something.  The spectator is fascinated with what she is seeing and she finds something wrong in the painting.  This of what isn’t apparent fascinates her and so she looks on some more…” Chennie Huang – read more

At the Watson Library


M. E. Chevreul, plates 5-7 from De la loi du contraste simultané des couleurs … [The Law of Simultaneous Contrast of Colors] (Paris: Chez Pitois-Levrault, 1839). Watson Library Special Collections.

From The Library as Incubator Project:

Jared Ash at the Special Collections of the Watson Library:

“I had a strong feeling that Watson had a wealth of titles that Jen would find interesting, inspiring, and informative, and encouraged her to come up for a visit. I am thrilled that my hunch was correct, and that material that Jen found at Watson was in fact helpful in creating her new book, 10 White Lies & Poem of the End (New York: Jen Mazza, 2015).”  read on —

10 White Lies

10 White Lies and Poem of the End: proof pages and printed and bound

10 White Lies and Poem of the End: proof pages and printed and bound

white lie (n.)

an often trivial, diplomatic or well-intentioned untruth

a minor or unimportant lie, especially one uttered in the interests of tact or politeness


10 images from various web sources present 10 dramatically different takes on the original. All are identified as Malevich’s White on White, but few succeed well in their interpretation. Continue reading

Le café des rêves

A photographic portrait of my favorite place in Vienna. Where I plotted and planned and polished off two Cesar Aira books, an inbox of emails, a healthy number of kleiner and grosser mochas, a good amount of cake, and other noshes of equally high merit. My last evening was spent sitting outside eating a sandwich with a fried egg on top with the other beer, wine and spritz drinkers in the last light and brisk wind and the end of a long hot day. Continue reading